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Specification of Storage container

  • Container is made out of galvanized steel sheets 0,75 mm thick.

  • Supportive profiles are made out of galvanized steel sheets 2,0 mm thick.

  • Floor is made out of wooden planks 35 mm thick (system tongue groove).

  • Assamble container can be dismounted to transport position to reduce cost of transportation.

  • Container has double-wing door with handle, lock and stoopers in front side.

  • Enhance profile when door is fully opened is 1930 x 1930 mm.


It is possible to move assembled container with crane or forklift truck. To hang it on a crane has each corner angle of the container crane hug.

Protection of Container

With a container can be delivered a Vandal bar. A user can also equip it with standard protection system using sensor and alarm.

Maximal Load

  • by handling with crane - 1500 kg | by handling with a forklift truck - 3000 kg

  • of floor surface - 500 kg/m² | of floor surface with stiffening - 300 kg/m²

Accessories and Special Equipment

A lot of different accessories and special equipment can be installed in container. Suitable accessories can be bought with container.

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